Compliments, Feedback & Complaints

Wellness SA is always open to feedback and we would like to hear what you have to say about our service. Feedback that is both positive and negative helps to improve our services to you and others who access the service. Your feedback will be handled with fairness and efficiency. We will endeavour to maintain confidentiality, transparency and impartiality at all times and providing feedback of any kind will not affect the service and treatment received at Wellness SA.


How to make a Complaint

In order to provide an efficient service, please provide specific details of the incident, issue, behaviour and or conduct. We are committed to responding to any complaints in a timely manner and aim to do so within 3 business days of receipt. We are committed to resolving complaints as soon as possible and we will keep the communication lines open regarding the progress of the complaint during this process.


Please consider discussing any feedback or complaint with your Accredited Mental Health Social Worker initially as this may assist in resolving your concerns. Please feel free to submit all compliments, feedback and complaints in writing and post to Wellness SA, Lincoln Medical Centre, 10 Haigh Street, SA, 5606.



At Wellness SA we like to maintain a professional relationship with our clients and therefore, we ask no gifts be exchanged during the therapeutic process.